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Aadat Guitar Chords | Atif Aslam

Song Details:

Movie: Kalyug

Singer: Atif Aslam

Lyrics: Goher Mumtaz, Sayeed Quadri

Music: Rearranged by Mithoon (Originally by Goher Mumtaz)

Starring: Kunal Khemu, Emraan Hashmi, Smiley Suri

Aadat Guitar Chords:

Capo: 4th Fret

Chords: Am, G, F and E

Strumming Pattern:


How To Play Aadat Guitar Chords:

Am                                            F

Na jane kabse, Umeedein kuch baaki hai

Am                     F

Mujhe Phir Bhi Teri Yaad, Kyun Aati Hai


Na Jane Kab Se


Am                              G                  F           G

Duur Jitna Bhi Tum mujh Se, Paas Tere Main

Am                         G                  F      G

Ab To Aadat Si Hai Mujh ko, Aise Jeene Me

Am           G                     F      G

Zindagi Se Koi Shikwa Bhi Nahi Hai

Am                         G               F          G

Ab To Zinda Hu Main Is Neele Aasmaan Mein


Am               G            F      G

Chahat Aisi Hai Ye Teri badti Jaye

Am           G                   F        G

Aahat Aisi Hai Ye Teri Mujhko Sataye

Am                G                 F        G

Yaadein Gehri Hai Itni Dil Doob Jaye

Am                     G                 F

Aur Aankho Me Ye Gam, Num Ban Jaye


Am G F G

Hey Hey Heyayayay Ooooooo Ooooo

Am                         G                  F      G

Ab To Aadat Si Hai Mujh ko, Aise Jeene Me

Am G F G

Hey Hey Hey Ye Ye Ye Oooooo Oooooo

Am G F G

Aaaaaaaa Aaaaa Oooooo Ooo

Am                              G         F

Sabhi Raate Hai, Sabhi Baate Hai

Am                    G       F

Bhula Do Unhe, Mita do Unhe

Am G F G

Aaaa Aaaa Aaaa

Am G F G

Aaaaa Ooooooooo

Am                    G      F

Ab To Aadat Si Hai Mujh ko


Aadat Guitar chords by Atif Aslam are simplified placing the capo on 4th fret ,which creates a melodic and melancholic atmosphere.


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Aadat (Juda Hoke Bhi) Video:

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